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  Bear and Bird: The Picnic and Other Stories


author:  Jarvis
illustrator:  Jarvis

Bear didnít really like the painting. I mean, look at it. But he liked Bird a lot, and it would remind him of her . . . Bear and Bird are best friends, and they spend a lot of time together. They donít always understand each other, but both agree that all they want is for their friend to be happy. So when Bear forgets the most important thing to pack for a picnic (but pretends that he didnít), Bird doesnít let on that she knew all along. And when Bird is upset to discover her friend has more of a certain talent than she does, Bear finds a touching way to make her feel better. Whether itís the tale of a missing Bird and a ďtalkingĒ flower that has Bear bewildered or that of a blanket whose irresistible coziness inspires a comic misunderstanding, Jarvisís well-honed timing combines with gentle humor and genuine affection that will have readers eager for more.

pub date: 05/2023
isbn #: 153622832X
price (U.S.): $15.99

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