COVID-19 Update

Candlewick Press is operating in accordance with the latest COVID-19–related guidelines from the CDC. We want to assure you that we are taking every step possible to maintain business continuity while ensuring the safety and well-being of our staff. During this unprecedented time in history, we are reminded how thankful we are to be part of such a resilient community and how truly grateful we are for each and every one of our partners and readers. We thank you for your continued business.

For specific inquiries, please use the following email addresses:

COVID 19 online reading permission requests:

Candlewick Press is committed to the authors and illustrators who create our books and to the readers who love them. We value the art of storytelling and are keenly aware of the power of stories to connect and comfort us. During this difficult time, we want to ensure our authors’ and illustrators’ works are protected without being prohibitive. Please note, to avoid unrestricted sharing and possible copyright infringement for any of our titles, it is our policy not to permit any posted recorded video readings showcasing the entirety of our books on large, open, public platforms online such as YouTube, Facebook, etc. Live readings are permissible on open platforms; please see below.

Below are guidelines we ask you to follow, and by posting a reading, you are agreeing to these terms, which will remain in effect until your school, library, or venue reopens in full. Please note that many Candlewick Press books are available in audio and/or video formats. You may wish to seek out those versions of the books to meet your needs instead of making your own.

Live Readings:

  • Live readings of Candlewick Press books that are not recorded do not require permission from Candlewick Press. Librarians, teachers, parents, caregivers, members of the clergy, and staff of museums, bookstores, and nonprofits can, through virtual means, read any Candlewick Press title live to their patrons, students, and children. However, these readings cannot be archived or saved. If possible, we ask that live videos are posted only through your school or group’s private platform or within a closed group with access limited to your student/patron community. Please note at the beginning of your live reading that you are reading with permission from Candlewick Press and give credit to the author and/or illustrator.
  • Recorded Readings:

  • Teachers, librarians, and those who intend to make recordings may share these readings only on private, closed platforms accessible solely to your students or patrons. These readings should not be archived or saved on public social media channels, websites, YouTube, etc.
  • Prior to posting your reading, please email with your name, your city and state, the name of your school/library/institution, the name of the private and closed platform you will use to share the reading, and the title and author/illustrator of the book(s) you intend to read. Please note that we receive a high number of these requests and will do our best to respond as promptly as possible.
  • Authors and Illustrators:

  • Authors and illustrators can read their own books, as long as they’ve received permission from a co-creator. These readings can be live or posted for a limited time on such outlets as Instagram Stories, Snapchat, etc. For more recorded readings, or readings shared on closed, private platforms which will be posted for more than 24 hours, please contact