Pau: The Last Song of the Kaua’i ‘o’o

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Pau: The Last Song of the Kaua’i ‘o’o
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Format: Hardback
ISBN-13: 9781536219494
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Pau: The Last Song of the Kaua’i ‘o’o

authors: Tony Piedra; Mackenzie Joy
illustrators: Tony Piedra; Mackenzie Joy

Millions of years ago, the island of Kaua‘i began to bloom with life, color, and sound. In time, the ‘o‘o bird added its song to the island chorus. Then a new species arrived: people. The impact of more and more humans meant fewer and fewer Kaua‘i ‘o‘o. When scientists realized these unique birds were disappearing from the island, they deepened their efforts to observe them, including by recording their song. In time, only a single Kaua‘i ‘o‘o was singing, and inevitably, a day came when there were none: pau. Complete with clear back matter, this gentle and poetic portrait of a species that evolved over thousands of years, declined, and became extinct only a few decades ago touches lightly on key conservation topics like invasive species and island ecology. Illustrations drenched in tropical color will light up the imaginations of young naturalists and fuel their instinct to understand, protect, and defend our planet’s biodiversity.

A moving ecological fable and a lyrical love song to a lost species from the cocreators of One Tiny Treefrog: A Countdown to Survival
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$18.99 / $24.99
1536219495 /  9781536219494
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Non-Fiction - Picture Book / Hardback
age range:
3 yrs - 7 yrs
# of pages/size:
40 / 10 5/8" x 9 13/16"
grade range:
Preschool - Grade 2
Juvenile Nonfiction; Animals; Science & Nature; Science & Nature;
author’s comments:
Mackenzie Joy is the cocreator, with Tony Piedra, of One Tiny Treefrog: A Countdown to Survival. As an artist, she loves to scribble and paint on nontraditional canvases. As a writer, she enjoys finding the perfect rhythms, sounds, and words. As a storyteller, she wants to share stories that are quirky, hopeful, and thought-provoking. Mackenzie Joy lives in Northern California.
illustrator’s comments:
Tony Piedra is the author-illustrator of The Greatest Adventure and, with Mackenzie Joy, cocreator of One Tiny Treefrog: A Countdown to Survival. He grew up in Houston, Texas, chasing lizards in the backyard and capturing great adventures in his sketchbook. Eventually, he relocated to California, where he worked for many years at Pixar Animation Studios, building environments for some of the studio’s most popular movies, including Up and Coco. He now lives in Northern California.
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