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Sinking the Sultana

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Sinking the Sultana
Written by Sally M. Walker
Format: Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780763677558
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Sinking the Sultana
A Civil War Story of Imprisonment, Greed, and a Doomed Journey Home

author: Sally M. Walker

In 1865, the Civil War was winding down and the country was reeling from Lincoln’s assassination. Thousands of Union soldiers, released from Confederate prisoner-of-war camps, were to be transported home on the steamboat Sultana. With a profit to be made, the captain rushed repairs to the boat so the soldiers wouldn’t find transportation elsewhere. More than 2,000 passengers boarded in Vicksburg, Mississippi . . . on a boat with a capacity of 376. The journey was violently interrupted when the boat’s boilers exploded, plunging the Sultana into mayhem; passengers were bombarded with red-hot iron fragments, burned by scalding steam, and flung overboard into the churning Mississippi. Although rescue efforts were launched, the survival rate was dismal — more than 1,500 lives were lost. In a compelling, exhaustively researched account, renowned author Sally M. Walker joins the ranks of historians who have been asking the same question for 150 years: who (or what) was responsible for the Sultana’s disastrous fate?

The worst maritime disaster in American history wasn’t the Titanic. It was the steamboat Sultana on the Mississippi River — and it could have been prevented.
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$24.99 / $33.99
0763677558 /  9780763677558
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Non-Fiction / Hardback
age range:
10 yrs and up
# of pages/size:
208 / 7 7/16" x 9"
grade range:
Grade 5 and up
Transportation; Science & Nature; History;
author’s comments:
Sally M. Walker is the author of the Sibert Medal winner Secrets of a Civil War Submarine as well as many other nonfiction books, including Boundaries: How the Mason-Dixon Line Settled a Family Feud and Divided a Nation. Sally M. Walker lives in Illinois.
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