X-Indian Chronicles

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X-Indian Chronicles
Written by Thomas M. Yeahpau
Format: Hardback
ISBN-13: 9780763627065
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X-Indian Chronicles
The Book of Mausape

author: Thomas M. Yeahpau
illustrator: Bunky Echo-Hawk

Mausape, a young "X-Indian" man dreams he's about to compete against the King of All Fancy-Dancers — who, it turns out, is Elvis Presley in full Las Vegas regalia. Another teenage boy, concerned that he's not a real warrior, seeks confirmation behind the liquor store from Grandma Spider, a wise, obese old creature with the torso of an elderly woman and the eight legs of a spider. In stories and poems mixing magical realism with unflinching reality, a young American Indian author offers a raw, graphic view of life on a reservation, a place where bitterness toward the white man lingers, where the enemy often appears in liquid form, where misogyny often raises its ugly head, and where a new generation's pop culture infiltrates ancient beliefs. A standout voice in the anthology Night Gone, Day is Still Coming, Thomas M. Yeahpau explores the place between native culture and contemporary America where X-Indians dwell.

Mausape belongs to a race that is losing its culture and to a generation that is losing its mind.
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Young Adult Fiction / Hardback
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14 yrs and up
# of pages/size:
240 / 5 1/4" x 7 3/4"
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Grade 9 and up
Native American; Short Stories, Collections & Anthologies; Social Themes;
author’s comments:
Thomas M. Yeahpau contributed a story to the 2003 anthology Night Gone, Day is Still Coming: Stories and Poems By American Indian Teens and Young Adults, edited by Anette Piña Ochoa, Betsy Franco, and Traci L. Gourdine. Shortly thereafter, he gathered his own collection of original short stories, and the result is X-Indian Chronicles. Thomas M. Yeahpau lives in Los Angeles, California.
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