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  The Flight of Dragons
The Fourth Tale from the Five Kingdoms


author: Vivian French
illustrator: Ross Collins

In this deadly funny fourth Tale from the Five Kingdoms, itís Gracie Gillypotís birthday, and Prince Marcus plans to show her a flight of dragons as a special gift. But when greedy, chocolate-hungry twins awaken the banished Old Malignant One, evil magic and Total Oblivion threaten the Five Kingdoms. Gracie must find a powerful, long-forgotten dragonís egg before the Old Malignant One does in order to save the day. With the help of a wayward troll, two chatty bats, and the ancient crones, can Gracie foil his rotten plans? And can she overcome a spoiled princess, a malicious crow, and loads of chocolate cake to do so?

pub date: 07/2011
isbn #: 0763650838
price (U.S.): $15.99

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