Young Adult Fiction
From hilarious to heartbreaking
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Black Spring Black Spring (Hardback)
author: Alison Croggon

Inspired by the gothic classic Wuthering Heights, this stunning fantasy from the author of the Books of Pellinor is a fiercely romantic tale of betrayal and vengeance.

Blink & Caution Blink & Caution (Hardback)
author: Tim Wynne-Jones

Two street kids get tangled in a plot over their heads — and risk an unexpected connection — in this heart-pounding thriller by Tim Wynne-Jones.

Bloodline Bloodline (Hardback)
author: Katy Moran

Warring kingdoms, bloody feuds, and a boy’s battle for survival. Step back into the Dark Ages with this riveting epic adventure.

Bloodline Rising Bloodline Rising (Hardback)
author: Katy Moran

A story of loyalties tested, secrets exposed, and one boy’s search for identity amid the tangled political intrigue and deception of the Dark Ages. (Age 10 and up)

Bluefish Bluefish (Hardback)
author: Pat Schmatz

Thirteen-year-old Travis has a secret: he can't read. But a shrewd teacher and a sassy girl are about to change everything in this witty and deeply moving novel.

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