Young Adult Fiction
From hilarious to heartbreaking
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Beige Beige (Hardback)
author: Cecil Castellucci

Dad’s an aging L.A. punk rocker known as the Rat. Daughter’s a buttoned-up neat freak who’d rather be anywhere else. Can this summer be saved?

Belladonna Belladonna (Hardback)
author: Mary Finn

A lyrical coming-of-age story about a boy, a girl, and a horse — and how a chance encounter can lead to a life of intrigue and learning, a life beyond imagining.

Black Spring Black Spring (Hardback)
author: Alison Croggon

Inspired by the gothic classic Wuthering Heights, this stunning fantasy from the author of the Books of Pellinor is a fiercely romantic tale of betrayal and vengeance.

Blink & Caution Blink & Caution (Hardback)
author: Tim Wynne-Jones

Two street kids get tangled in a plot over their heads — and risk an unexpected connection — in this heart-pounding thriller by Tim Wynne-Jones.

Bluefish Bluefish (Hardback)
author: Pat Schmatz

Thirteen-year-old Travis has a secret: he can't read. But a shrewd teacher and a sassy girl are about to change everything in this witty and deeply moving novel.

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