Young Adult Fiction
From hilarious to heartbreaking
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Backwards Backwards (Hardback)
author: Todd Mitchell

An edge-of-your-seat thriller asks: Is it possible to fix a tragic future by changing the past — while experiencing life backwards?

Beat the Band Beat the Band (Hardback)
author: Don Calame

Get ready for riffs on hot girls, health class, and social hell! The outrageously funny boys from Swim the Fly return to rock their sophomore year.

Beige Beige (Hardback)
author: Cecil Castellucci

Dad’s an aging L.A. punk rocker known as the Rat. Daughter’s a buttoned-up neat freak who’d rather be anywhere else. Can this summer be saved?

Belladonna Belladonna (Hardback)
author: Mary Finn

A lyrical coming-of-age story about a boy, a girl, and a horse — and how a chance encounter can lead to a life of intrigue and learning, a life beyond imagining.

Black Helicopters Black Helicopters (Hardback)
author: Blythe Woolston

A teenage girl. A survivalist childhood. And now a bomb strapped to her chest. See the world through her eyes in this harrowing and deeply affecting literary thriller.

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