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Photos Framed Photos Framed (Hardback)
author: Ruth Thomson
illustrator: Various

Portrait. Nature. Art. Documentary. A look at some of the world’s most iconic photographs invites viewers to focus on the medium’s place in art and history.

Sand Swimmers Sand Swimmers (Hardback)
author: Narelle Oliver

Journey to the heart of Australia and find secret life in the harshest of deserts in this riveting true story captured in stunning illustrations.

The Secret World of Walter Anderson The Secret World of Walter Anderson (Hardback)
author: Hester Bass
illustrator: E. B. Lewis

“A gorgeous chronicle of a versatile southern American artist.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Seeds of Freedom Seeds of Freedom (Hardback)
author: Hester Bass
illustrator: E. B. Lewis

Explore a little-known story of the civil rights movement, in which black and white citizens in one Alabama city worked together nonviolently to end segregation.

Stand There! She Shouted Stand There! She Shouted (Hardback)
author: Susan Goldman Rubin
illustrator: Bagram Ibatoulline

The lens turns to Julia Margaret Cameron, an ambitious and fascinating early photographer of 1800s celebrities and romantic staged tableaux.

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