Stories and topics that fascinate kids.
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The Hero Schliemann The Hero Schliemann (Hardback)
author: Laura Amy Schlitz
illustrator: Robert Byrd

Archaeologist? Mythmaker? Crook? This engaging, illustrated biography of Heinrich Schliemann -- a nineteenth-century romantic who most believe did find the ancient city of Troy -- reveals him to be a fascinating mixture of all three.

The History of Money The History of Money (Hardback)
author: Martin Jenkins

With clarity and humor, Martin Jenkins and Satoshi Kitamura take readers on a fascinating tour of the history of money.

Hooray For Inventors! Hooray For Inventors! (Hardback)
author/illustrator: Marcia Williams

Hip, hip, hooray! Marcia Williams wields her witty comic-book style to applaud the creators of inventions that changed the world -- and to inspire the inventor in us all.

I Love Guinea Pigs I Love Guinea Pigs (Paperback)
author: Dick King-Smith

"A wonderful celebration of the attributes of guinea pigs. . . . A popular pet and familiar subject is given new vigor and interest through originality, love, and respect." — The Boston Globe

I Pledge Allegiance I Pledge Allegiance (Trade Paperback)
author: Michael Sampson
illustrator: Chris Raschka

"Finally, here's a picture book that helps young children move beyond rote recitation of the Pledge to find meaning in its language. This is the book parents and teachers have been waiting for." — Booklist (starred review)

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