Kids all over are crazy for Maisy!
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Maisy's Book of Things That Go Maisy's Book of Things That Go (Hardback)
author/illustrator: Lucy Cousins

Let’s go! Maisy loves things that move. With the help of fun tabs, little readers can learn the simple workings of her favorite modes of travel. (Age 3 and up)

Maisy's Book Tower Maisy's Book Tower (Boxed Set)
author/illustrator: Lucy Cousins

How do Maisy’s favorite things stack up? Take a look at this enticing tower of tiny board books, just waiting to be explored by little hands. (Ages 2-5)

Maisy's Castle Maisy's Castle (Pop-up Book)
author: Lucy Cousins

Join Maisy and her friends for some medieval merriment with this delightful pop-up-and-play book boasting a 3D castle.

Maisy's Christmas Sticker Book Maisy's Christmas Sticker Book (Sticker Book)
author/illustrator: Lucy Cousins

Crazy for Maisy? A stickler for stickers? Little ones will have hours of fun helping their favorite mouse get ready for Christmas.

Maisy's Christmas Day Maisy's Christmas Day (Board Book)
author/illustrator: Lucy Cousins

Spend Christmas Day with Maisy! Little fans are invited to join in the fun as the famous mouse celebrates with her friends.

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