A range of books with diverse characters and points of view
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The World Beneath The World Beneath (Hardback)
author: Janice Warman

At the height of South Africa’s anti-apartheid struggle, a boy must face life decisions that test what he believes—and call for no turning back.

A Piece of Home A Piece of Home (Hardback)
author: Jeri Watts
illustrator: Hyewon Yum

A child-friendly story about the trials and triumphs of starting over in a new place while keeping family and traditions close.

Read Me Like a Book Read Me Like a Book (Hardback)
author: Liz Kessler

In her first novel for young adults, New York Times best-selling author Liz Kessler tells a story about finding a kindred spirit and becoming your true self.

Belle, The Last Mule at Gee's Bend Belle, The Last Mule at Gee's Bend (Paperback)
illustrator: John Holyfield

“This small snapshot of the protest movement pays homage to both the determination of ordinary folk and the power of Dr. King’s words. . . . An intergenerational story filled with heart and soul.” — Kirkus Reviews

X X (Hardback)

A 2016 Coretta Scott King Author Honor Book Cowritten by Malcolm X’s daughter, this riveting and revealing novel follows the formative years of the man whose words and actions shook the world.

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