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Written by Edel Wignell
Format: Hardback
ISBN-10: 0763667595
ISBN-13: 9780763667597
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Secrets of an Australian Marsupial

author: Edel Wignell

In the hostile Australian desert, a mother bilby gives birth to a baby. Nestled in a burrow deep underground, she cares for her little one. Soon he must grow up and learn to survive in a harsh environment. Nature-loving readers can follow the story of this elusive marsupial, learning its secrets even as it burrows out of sight.
Everyone has heard of kangaroos and koalas. Now meet the bilby, an endangered Australian marsupial with silky fur, long ears, and bright eyes.
suggested retail price (U.S.):
0763667595 / 9780763667597
pub date:
Non-Fiction / Hardback
age range:
5 yrs - 9 yrs
# of pages/size:
32 / 9 5/8" x 10 5/8"
grade range:
Kindergarten - Grade 4
Animals; People & Places; Art & Architecture; Science & Nature;
author’s comments:
Edel Wignell is a writer, journalist, and poet who has published more than ninety books for children and adults. She is interested in endangered animals worldwide, and her favorite is the bilby. Edel Wignell lives in Australia.
illustrator’s comments:
Mark Jackson is the illustrator of several picture books, including Python by Christopher Cheng. He lives in Australia.
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