Award-winning picture books, action-packed novelty titles, and irresistibly interactive baby books.

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The Shadow Lantern The Shadow Lantern (Hardback)
author: Teresa Flavin

Sunni and Blaise face their most dangerous challenge yet in their third and final adventure.

The Tortoise and the Hare The Tortoise and the Hare (Hardback)
author: Alison Ritchie
illustrator: Nahta Nój

Experience the classic race in a new way with this die-cut picture book!

The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse The Town Mouse and the Country Mouse (Hardback)
author/re-teller/illustrator: Helen Ward

A gorgeously illustrated and poetically written classic, set in a 1930s-era city at Christmastime

The True Story of Goldilocks The True Story of Goldilocks (Novelty Book)

So you think you know the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears? Find out what happened before the fairy tale began! (Age 4-7)

The Ultimate Pirate Handbook The Ultimate Pirate Handbook (Novelty Book)
author: Libby Hamilton
illustrator: Mathieu Leyssenne

Ahoy mateys! Here be secrets to unfold if ye dream of being a buccaneer.

The Whale The Whale (Hardback)
author: Vita Murrow
illustrator: Ethan Murrow

A wordless epic sea adventure

The Whopper The Whopper (Hardback)
author/illustrator: Rebecca Ashdown

The little lie that turned into a big monster . . .

The Wonder The Wonder (Hardback)
author/illustrator: Faye Hanson

One little boy is always wondering . . . with incredible results!

There, There There, There (Hardback)
author: Sam McBratney
illustrator: Ivan Bates

From Guess How Much I Love You author Sam McBratney comes this tender story of the special kind of soothing comfort that a hug can bring, setting everything just right again.

There, There There, There (Board Book)
author: Sam McBratney
illustrator: Ivan Bates

“A deeply resonant story.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

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