more titles from Rosalind Beardshaw

Box (Hardback)
What would you do with a box?

Funny Face, Sunny Face (Hardback)
Loosely following a child’s daily routine, this charming and beautifully illustrated book celebrates all things toddler.

Just Right for Christmas (Board Book)
The Christmas tale that celebrates the joy of giving, now in board book format.

The Christmas Fairy (Hardback)
Clara’s dream is to become a Christmas fairy, whose job it is to stay still atop the tree.

The Fairiest Fairy (Hardback)
Being a fairy isn’t easy! Betty seems to get everything wrong. There’s no way she’ll be picked as the Fairiest Fairy. Or is there?

Walk and See: 123 (Board Book)

Walk and See: ABC (Board Book)

Walk and See: Colors (Board Book)

Warthog (Hardback)
"A lively interactive counting book from the team behind Just Right for Christmas. . . . Beardshaw’s mixed-media artwork contributes significantly to the story’s physical comedy and sense of adventure." — Publishers Weekly