more titles from Simon James

Baby Brains (Hardback)
“Boastful parents who can laugh at themselves, as well as their cherished offspring, will find abundant chuckles in these pages.” — Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Days Like This A Collection of Small Poems (Trade Paperback)
"Each brief verse has the rhythmic lilt and play with sounds and meaning that so engage young children. . . . But James's illustrations are the best feature of this inviting collection." — The Horn Book (starred review)

Frog and Beaver (Hardback)
A new neighbor with huge plans turns life upside down for animals who live on the river in a charming ecological fable from Simon James.

Leon and Bob (Paperback)
“A model of economy in its prose as well as its illustrations, this modest story radiates understated wit.” — Publishers Weekly

Little One Step (Paperback)
“This book has the classic feeling of a modern-day Make Way for Ducklings. . . . Totally charming.” — Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

Mr. Scruff (Hardback)
A sweetly silly story of a little boy and a dog who make an unlikely (but perhaps perfect) pair.

Rex (Hardback)
From the inimitable Simon James, a heartwarming story about a surprising dinosaur adoptive dad.

The Boy Who Went to Mars (Hardback)
When Mom has to go out of town, Stanley decides to blast off to outer space. But who’s this small martian returning in his place who doesn’t follow earthling rules?