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Because of Winn-Dixie 28. Because of Winn-Dixie
Celebrate Kate DiCamillo's beloved, best-selling story with this irresistible movie tie-in!
Dragonology 32. Dragonology The Complete Book of Dragons
For true believers only, a lavishly illustrated volume by the world’s most distinguished dragonologist. Don’t let it fall into the wrong hands!
Dragonology Handbook 33. Dragonology Handbook A Practical Course in Dragons
This indispensable workbook teaches everything you need to know to become an esteemed dragonologist.
Egyptology 34. Egyptology Search for the Tomb of Osiris
Discover the wonders of ancient Egypt through a fascinating journal from a lost expedition — a treasure trove of fact and fantasy featuring a novelty element on every spread.
Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs 35. Encyclopedia Prehistorica Dinosaurs The Definitive Pop-Up
From renowned pop-up masters Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart comes an awe-inspiring tribute to the world's most beloved extinct animals and their 180-million-year reign on our planet.

Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts 36. Encyclopedia Prehistorica Mega-Beasts
Lions and tigers and bears. . . . Stand back for a beast of a pop-up!
Encyclopedia Prehistorica Sharks and Other Sea Monsters 37. Encyclopedia Prehistorica Sharks and Other Sea Monsters The Definitive Pop-Up
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water! Celebrate the New York Times best-selling 3-D look at prehistoric creatures of the deep.
Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! 41. Good Masters! Sweet Ladies! Voices from a Medieval Village
Step back to an English village in 1255, where life plays out in dramatic vignettes illuminating twenty-two unforgettable characters. Winner of the Newbery Medal.
Great Joy 43. Great Joy
In her first picture book, America’s beloved storyteller Kate DiCamillo reunites with Bagram Ibatoulline to offer readers an unforgettable holiday gift.
Happy Birth Day! 46. Happy Birth Day!
A perfect gift for baby showers! Great for new big brother and sisters!

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